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Dock Equipment

    • air inside the vehicle's loading compartment with the air inside the building to prevent heat loss due to convection.
Product Blueprint
Dock Seal
    • ①Top seal, ②induction line, ③friction plate, ④side seal, ⑤high-density urethane foam, ⑥wooden frame, ⑦metal frame, ⑧PVC weave 0.9T, ⑨laminated bumper
Inflatable Dock Shelter Blueprint
    • It is advantageous to use shelter when entering and exiting various vehicles. It is flexible and has no significant restrictions on the size of the vehicle.
      ①Vertical pad, ②top pad, ③front curtain, ④ 'U' bracket, ⑤top curtain, ⑥vertical compressor bar, ⑦top compressor bar, ⑧finishing plate, ⑨spring, ⑩cover, ⑪Sliding Bracket, ⑫Scissor Extension arms
Inflatable Dock Shelter
Inflatable Dock Shelter
    • ①vertical air bag, ②top air bag, ③motor/blower, ④head frame, ⑤air duct, ⑥vertical frame, ⑦top cover, ⑧winding device, ⑨angle finish, ⑩front cover, ⑪yellow band, ⑫front guard
Vehicle Restraint
    • Prevents sudden movements of vehicles docked.
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